Rome transfer market: made for Kumbulla, almost for De Sciglio. The figures

Transfer market Rome, made for Kumbulla, almost for De Sciglio: the figures of the operations.

Calciomercato Roma, yellow and red unleashed: made for Kumbulla , almost for De Sciglio.

Meanwhile, the former Verona central defender will fill the void left by Smalling. Why did Roma prefer him to United's central?

The answer is complex. First of all for the age. Kumbulla is a 2000 class while Smalling is over 30.

Then there is the economic issue. Smalling costs 20 million euros and United want them immediately because the player has already been on loan in the capital last year.

Kumbulla costs more, 30 million euros, but Roma immediately borrowed it and then redeem it comfortably in several installments.

So in the end Roma chose Kumbulla because it offered better value for money-age.

Kumbulla will earn around 2 million euros per season (1.5 the fixed part plus easily accessible bonuses).

Let's move on to the De Sciglio speech. It is a practically identical operation to that for Kumbulla with lower figures.

In fact, De Sciglio has just returned from a bad season with Juventus, where he played little or nothing, and needs to relaunch.

Roma will borrow it with the right of redemption set at ten million euros. The De Sciglio operation has nothing to do with that of Dzeko but the Bosnian striker is still very close to the bianconeri.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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