Who: “Claudia Lai-Radja Nainggolan, marriage over”. Meanwhile, she announces: “I defeated cancer”

Who: "Claudia Lai-Radja Nainggolan, marriage over". Meanwhile, she announces on Instagram: "I beat cancer".

According to what was written by 'Chi', the marriage between the Inter player Radja Nainggolan and Claudia Lai would have ended after nine years of love.

Always according to what was written by 'Chi', the now ex couple would have already set the hearing for the separation.

Regardless of what is reported by specialized gossip magazines, it must be said that there are no more images of the couple on social networks.

And we're talking about two people who have always been very active on the web. If we take a look at Lai's Instagram profile, as well as the good news of her recovery from cancer, we can see that there is no trace of Nainggolan left.

Even the nickname says a lot because before Claudia in addition to having the surname Lai also had that Nainggolan.

We remember that from the love between Claudia Lai and the Belgian footballer two splendid children were born, Aysha (8 years old) and Mailey (4).

Recently, Lai hasn't posted photos of her and Nainggolan but has posted tons of them with the children who are obviously the love of her life.

In announcing her recovery from cancer, Lai wrote:

"Thank you – he wrote on Instagram – to those who in this fantastic year of m … between one chemo and the other believed in me" (sources Chi and La Gazzetta dello Sport).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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