Rome-Seville and Inter-Getafe, UEFA’s proposal: dry game on a neutral pitch

Roma-Siviglia e Inter-Getafe, la proposta della Uefa: gara secca in campo neutro

Rome-Seville and Inter-Getafe, UEFA's proposal: dry game on a neutral ground (photo Ansa)

ROME – The first legs of the round of 16 of the Europa League Seville-Rome and Inter-Getafe have just been postponed by UEFA because Spain has banned flights to and from Italy to curb the coronavirus infection.

UEFA immediately contacted the four clubs to resolve the matter as soon as possible because it does not want delays on the Europa League roadmap.

Thus came the following proposal: to decide the qualifiers for the quarterfinals of the Europa League with two dry games, to be played on neutral pitches, instead of the return matches.

In this way, UEFA would not have delays on the roadmap because the winners of Sevilla-Roma and Inter-Getafe would join the other six teams qualified for the Europa League quarter-finals.

For now it is not an official decision, it is only a proposal that UEFA has made to the four clubs. Proposal that would prevent teams from playing in Italy or Spain, two nations dramatically affected by the coronavirus.

A similar choice could also be made for the Champions League Barcelona-Napoli, a game that should take place in seven days in Spain. UEFA would have proposed to the two clubs to play it on neutral ground to bypass the ban imposed by the Spanish government.

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