Rome, Pallotta furious after the beating against Napoli: “Fuori le p …”

Roma, Pallotta furioso dopo la batosta contro il Napoli: "Fuori le p...."

Rome, Pallotta furious after the beating against Napoli: "Fuori le p ….". Photo ANSA / RICCARDO ANTIMIANI

ROME – "The players must fight and show that they have the p … (the attributes). No one has more alibis ". James Pallotta's comment on the heavy defeat of Roma against Napoli is very hard. The 4-1 defeat at the Olimpico prompted the president to raise his voice through a message published on the Giallorossi's Twitter profile: "Everyone knows what went wrong this year and for this we had to change. But the time for excuses is over. The match against Spal is unacceptable, today's match was even worse ”.

Rome in crisis, Ranieri: "I have not regretted being back".

"The others run more and put you in the middle. It's hard to work, but we don't give up.
This is little but sure and we will try to do our best ”.
Despite the 1-4 collected at home by Napoli, Claudio Ranieri tries to shake up the Giallorossi's environment. "We are all in the same boat, even though I have only recently climbed.
"We try to bring it to the best," adds the technician. Never. And I don't think of resigning. I came knowing what was at stake.

Today's defeat against Napoli, which comes after Ferrara, complicates Rome's progress in the league tremendously. Now it is increasingly difficult to hope for qualifying for the next Champions League and even qualifying for the next Europa League is at risk because Roma has many teams close together in terms of ranking points.

source: Ansa.

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