Duck from Olsen against Napoli, furious Roma fans with the goalkeeper and Monchi

Papera di Olsen contro il Napoli, tifosi della Roma furiosi con il portiere e con Monchi

Duck from Olsen against Napoli, furious Roma fans with the goalkeeper and Monchi

ROME – Rome was humiliated at home by Naples. Immediately after the game, the fans have vented on social networks which is the new virtual sports bar. The Giallorossi fans took it out on the whole team but attacked Robin Olsen, goalkeeper who was the protagonist of a sensational duck, and Monchi, a former sports director who has the responsibility to buy the Swedish goalkeeper and having built a non-competitive team.

Duck from Olsen, fans of Rome furious on social networks

Here are some comments from Roma fans who vented on social networks after Swedish goalkeeper Robin Olsen's duck against Napoli.

"At @RomaRadio I even heard JUSTIFY the Alisson / Olsen gearbox.
I have even heard the fans attack because they are accused of criticizing regardless without thinking about the good of the team.
Congratulations to those who have made their passion into their work  "," #Olsen is the new #Karius "," Manolas disgusted by Olsen

Right, I agree. "," What champions, Olsen and Benji !!!  "," By now the only thing Olsen can take are the insults. "," How did you get Olsen dear Monchi? "," What an embarrassment. An embarrassing team.
Olsen, Santon, Fazio, Cristante, and Schick are a plague, they are not football players, they should never take the field again.
Manolas and DDR, the only ones to fight.
Dzeko half broken, did not have a single ball in 92 min. ".

"Pallotta's first thought must be to find a great coach! One that takes players to kick their ass as soon as they miss a single pass! Then the construction of the team must come out … via Olsen Santon Marcano Kolarov Nzonzi Dzeko Schick Under Karsdorp "," Olsen the only good thing he has done in life is having done the phenomenon against Italy in the world cup qualifiers "," If last year we had #Olsen on goal instead of #Alisson we would have been shipwrecked a year in advance. #Monchi #DiFrancesco #RomaNapoli @OfficialASRoma ”.

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