Rome gone, Di Francesco from exoneration? Luis Enrique is worse than him

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Rome gone, Di Francesco from exoneration? Luis Enrique is worse than him

"Disgusted". It was with this concept that a few weeks ago James Pallotta expressed his thoughts on the false departure of his Rome. Today, after yet another blackout, yet another defeat in the season, the fourth in thirteen games, perhaps it will be even more. A trend that keeps more and more the Giallorossi from the top of the standings, the area that means Champions League, revenue.

Eusebio Di Francesco's bench was increasingly at risk, even though until a few hours ago, the coach had never been questioned. Maybe it will be from tonight. Perhaps from Boston we will begin to evaluate some other profile.

Nineteen points in thirteen matches, two points more than Luis Enrique 's Rome (17 points in 13 games), the first of the American management. Zeman had not done worse either. Perhaps the worst Rome from the landing of the leadership made in Boston. The worst Rome because in 2011 it came from an anonymous championship (sixth place), from an "old" and totally renewed rose, not from a Champions League semi-final played a few months before.

A market for now bankruptcy . And here the first culprit is the Spanish monchi ds. Via Nainggolan, via Strootman, via Alisson. Via for three different reasons, from what was said by Trigoria. Via three holders of a team that had finished third in the league and in the semifinals, as mentioned, of the Champions League. Of the new few lights, many shadows. Indeed, dark pesto.

Now there's Real Madrid, there's the Champions League and Roma will try to find the right path again for the umpteenth time this season. A Champions where the Giallorossi will only need a point to qualify, to take the pass for the second round.

The Rome article disappeared, Di Francesco from exoneration? Worse than him only Luis Enrique seems to be the first on Blitz daily .

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