Udinese returns to victory after two months, De Paul extends a subdued Roma

Udinese-Roma 1-0, highlights: De Paul gol, Pussetto annullato dal VAR

Udinese-Roma 1-0, De Paul protagonist with goals for the Giallorossi (Ansa)

UDINE, DACIA ARENA – Udinese-Roma 1-0 , goal: De Paul 53 '. First Saturday's advance of the Italian Serie A football championship

Nicola takes care: the Udinese imposes itself on Rome and returns to victory after exactly two months – the last time it was on September 23rd in Verona with Chievo – in which he had collected only one point. Team spirit and determination overcome the technical gap with the opponents: to impose just a network of De Paul, best in the field for posting.

Rome confirms its allergy to small, with which it showed a heart of gold: defeat in Bologna and Udine, had lost at home also with Spal and granted a point at the Olimpico – the only one conquered away – even at the Chievo. For the capitolini there is also the stop syndrome for the Nationals: in the three interruptions from the beginning of the tournament, Di Francesco's training has collected only one point, facing, however, only teams that are struggling not to recede.

The first half slips away without great emotions. Nicola blinds the defense fielding it to 5 and Roma fails to raise the pace. Schick is not Dzeko and the lack of an offensive terminal is heard. In the first ten minutes, the hosts never go half the field but more to keep the distance imposed by the new tarantolato technician (halfway through the first half was already stuck in the rigid late autumn of Friuli) that the pressure of the guests. The most inspired is El Sharaawy who tries in a couple of circumstances but without bothering Musso. The Udinese answers at the turn of the half hour: De Paul is always the protagonist.

Before making a mistake, he could only put Pussetto in front of Mirante – deployed in place of Olsen that Di Francesco did not risk muscular problems in the finish – then with a nice serpentine on the right and an interesting cross for his compatriot. Before the interval there is still time for an insidious punishment of Kolarov: Musso is reactive and confirms to be solid both between the posts and the exit. The recovery starts with the shock. The Argentinians of Udinese embody an action worthy of the super clasico: Pussetto of heel serves De Paul that with a magic gets rid of the defenders and presents itself in front of Mirante mocking with a touch underneath. Only 7 minutes pass and the roles are reversed: De Paul draws Pussetto in the center of the area. The attacker checks and bags under the crossbar. The Dacia Arena goes crazy with joy but the Var turns off the scream in her throat: Fabbri cancels for hand control and warns De Paul for protests. From that moment the pressing of the Rome begins that tries to exploit the entrance of Dzeko.

Many cross but few dangers for Musso. The most insidious conclusion is a shot from outside Pellegrini half an hour, deflected in the corner. At the end it is a header of the Bosnian striker of Rome to get the chills to the home fans: the ball touches the post after a detour, with Musso motionless to observe. In the 6 'recovery Machis launched by Fofana is presented face to face with Mirante who hypnotizes him. At Dacia Arena they fear the same epilogue-mockery at the end of the match with Milan but Fazio's header ends high in the last yellowfield assault.

The Udinese-Roma highlights 1-0

96 '- Roma lost in Udine. The negative tradition of the Giallorossi continues as they return from the break for the National games. The Udinese appeared regenerated by Nicola, the debut on the bench of the Friulians, and won after two months thanks to superlative performances of the Argentineans De Paul, author of the winning goal, and Pussetto, protagonist with the assist of heel for the network of the teammate.

83 '- Cross of Under from the right, Dzeko's header who can not find the goal of Udinese.

61 ' VAR cancels Udinese's goal . Pussetto controls with his hand on the launch of De Paul before scoring with a lob. The referee realizes it thanks to the help of technology and cancels the doubling of the Friulians.

57 '- Nzonzi wastes an excellent opportunity to equalize the score. The Frenchman has been forgotten by the defense of Udinese on the development of a corner kick for Roma but he hits his head very badly.

53 '- GOAL OF THE AUDINIAN. Pussetto launched De Paul with a heel. The Argentine striker dribbled past Juan Jesus and beat Mirante with a touch beneath.

52 '- Kolarov tries to unlock the match with a personal initiative. His long-range left is powerful but inaccurate.

47 '- Contact between Samir and Lorenzo Pellegrini in the penalty area of ​​Udinese. For the referee it is not a penalty.

45 '- The first half ended on the score of zero to zero, Roma tried to make the game but the Udinese defended itself with order.

41 '- Kolarov's free-kick on the right, kicked back with Musso's fists. Rome close to the goal of the advantage.

35 '- Kolarov's cross from the left, Schick's early break on Samir and Musso's parade on the ground. The conclusion was central and the goalkeeper of the Friuli had no problems to block the ball.

27 '- Great opportunity for Udinese. Cristante lost the ball in the middle of the field by starting the Udinese counterattack. Mandragora cross for Pussetto who hit the head but did not frame the mirror from a great position.

3 '- The first conclusion to the network is Roma. Stephan El Shaarawy had a good duet with Pellegrini but he kicked weakly towards the Udinese goal and Musso blocked the ball without any problem.

Udinese-Roma 1-0

Udinese-Rome 1-0 (0-0). Udinese (5-3-2): Musso 7; Stryger Larsen 7, Ekong 6, Nuytinck 7, Samir 6.5 (24 'St Pezzella 6), Ter Avest 6; Fofana 6, Behrami 6 (C), Mandragora 6, De Paul 7.5 (33 'st Machis, sv); Pussetto 7 (50 'st D'Alessandro sv) (22 Scuffet, 88 Nicolas, 4 Opoku, 7 Pezzella, 98 Coulibaly, 9 Vizeu, 14 Micin, 21 Pontisso, 15 Lasagna). Att .: Nicola 7.

Rome: (4-2-3-1): Mirante 5.5; Santon 5, Fazio 6, Juan Jesus 5.5, Kolarov 6; Nzonzi 5.5, Cristante 5.5; Kluivert 5 (19 'st Under 6), Lo.Pellegrini 6 (34' st Zaniolo sv), El Shaarawy 6.5; Schick 5 (25 'st Dzeko 6) (63 Fuzato, 26 Karsdorp, 3 Lu.Pellegrini, 24 Florenzi, 15 Marcano, 19 Coric). All .: Di Francesco 5.5

Referee: Fabbri di Ravenna 6 Angles: 10 to 0 for Roma Recovery: 1 'and 6'. Ammonites: Behrami for foul play, De Paul for protests. Var: 1 Spectators: about 23 thousand ** THE GOL – 9 'st: Heel Pussetto serves De Paul who drinks the defense and burns Mirante out.

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