Rome, Fonseca-De Zerbi: it’s a ballot for the bench. Mihajlovic third option

Roma, Fonseca-De Zerbi: è ballottaggio per la panchina. Mihajlovic terza opzione

Rome, Fonseca-De Zerbi: it's a ballot for the bench. Mihajlovic third option. Photo ANSA / RICCARDO ANTIMIANI

ROME – At home in Rome, rumors continue on the new coach.

After the refusals by Antonio Conte, Maurizio Sarri and Gian Piero Gasperini, the refusal of Rino Gattuso has arrived. The Milan coach does not feel like immediately rejecting headlong into a stressful adventure like the one in the Capital. Thus, for the Giallorossi bench Fonseca of Shakhtar, De Zerbi of Sassuolo and Mihajlovic of Bologna remained in the running.

At this time, there is no favorite. They are three very different coaches who have pros and cons. Mihajlovic would be the third choice because the leaders of Roma would not like to appoint a technician very close to the colors of Lazio. It would be at least a risky move in a period in which the protest of the Giallorossi fans against James Pallotta is raging.

Mihajlovic is a technician of great value but less than a week ago he went under the North curve to receive the applause of the Lazio fans. To name him as head coach of Roma would be risky at least.

With the Serb eliminated, De Zerbi del Sassuolo and Fonseca of the S. Donetsk remain in the running. However it is not to be excluded the insertion of the last minute of a mister x that can change the cards on the table. Totti had indicated Gattuso and Mihajlovic. Rino said "no thanks" and his passion for Lazio weighs too much on the Serbian.

De Zerbi and Fonseca are two coaches indicated by Franco Baldini. James Pallotta's right hand appreciates them for their football idea, offensive and modern. Of course they are two coaches who have a very different curriculum.

Fonseca already has experience at international level and with the S. Donetsk has shown to be able to do well in the Champions League, two years ago he eliminated the Napoli of Maurizio Sarri from the group stage but then he was eliminated just by Roma in the round of 16.

De Zerbi has no international experience but has a long apprenticeship in our country. In short, De Zerbi will never have played the Champions League as a coach but he knows our championship perfectly. Rome should make a final decision by next Tuesday.

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