Rome, Fonseca alla Conte: “We need purchases. Diawara ko, I’m very worried … “

Roma, Fonseca alla Conte: "Servono acquisti. Diawara ko, sono molto preoccupato..."

Rome, Fonseca in the photo Ansa

TURIN – Better late than never. Fonseca has also started to complain because Rome does not market. On the model of what Conte has done for several weeks. Inter are in the running for the Scudetto and for this reason Conte wants reinforcements that make the squad competitive in all departments. Roma do not fight for the Scudetto but must defend the fourth place from the arrival of Atalanta and must honor the Europa League to the best of its ability.

That the yellow and red rose was largely incomplete, it had been understood for some time but now the gaps are clear. Roma practically threw away the Italian Cup because they faced it without center-forward. Dzeko was disqualified and was replaced by a non-presentable Kalinic who hasn't scored a goal for over a year.

Diawara got hurt tonight and Fonseca was forced to replace him with a full back, Bruno Peres, due to the absence of other midfielders in the squad. In short, Roma need at least two to three purchases and Fonseca has started to say it. Only a few days left until the end of January, and the Giallorossi have not yet purchased a replacement for Zaniolo as Politano has faded …

Here are the statements made by Fonseca to Rai's microphones after the elimination from the Italian Cup at the hands of Juventus: “Diawara got hurt. I am very worried. At this moment we have few players available. At least two to three reinforcements are needed on the transfer market. Kalinic? The problem is not only him, all the attackers played poorly but of course Edin Dzeko is very important for us ".

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