Transfer market, Politano to Napoli and Llorente to Inter: exchange of loans

Calciomercato, Napoli supera Roma per Politano ma calciatore vuole i giallorossi

Matteo Politano with the Roma scarf (photo Ansa)

NAPLES – Matteo Politano , after being close to Milan and Rome, should move to Naples in exchange for Llorente. Inter and Napoli have reached an agreement on the exchange of the two players on loan. In the case of Llorente, it could be a dry loan with the two companies that would update at the end of the season, in the case of Politano, instead, it would be a loan with a right of redemption set at 25 million euros, a figure that Roma she was not willing to shell out. Politano had given his word to Roma, or he would not have posed even with the yellow and red scarf, but in the end he would have convinced himself to move to Napoli to play his cards in a national key.

Also because Politano would have resigned himself to the impossibility of an agreement between Inter and Rome. The two companies do nothing but attack from a distance. After the exchange between Politano and Spinazzola jumped, a hard knock and remote response between Petrachi on one side and Marotta plus Ausilio on the other began.

The two clubs broke up and Politano understood that his only hope is called Naples also because he would no longer set foot on the pitch at Inter. The Nerazzurri have been trying to sell it since the beginning of the market. First they tried to place him at Milan, in exchange for Kessie, then at Rome, in exchange for Spinazzola, and finally at Napoli, in exchange for Llorente.

So Conte will have a reserve center forward to let Lukaku catch his breath every now and then. This transfer market deal, which is convenient for both Napoli and Inter, should be made official in the next few hours.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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