Quadrado, the Brazilian impersonator of Juan Cuadrado

Quadrado, il sosia brasiliano di Juan Cuadrado

Quadrado, the Brazilian impersonator of Juan Cuadrado

ROME – Juan Cuadrado has a look-alike . The Colombian has his Brazilian "twin". Almost identical facial features and different nickname only for the first consonant.

Anderson Matheus Rodrigues de Castro, called by all Quadrado , who will turn 18 next May, plays as a striker in Sao Caetano and, in the past few hours, has taken away the satisfaction of making his professional debut by also scoring in the match played against Clube Atlético Juventus that has nothing to do with the Italian champions.

A debut that made him known to the general public, leaving everyone stunned by his incredible resemblance to the Juventus midfielder . (source TWITTER)

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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