Pippo Inzaghi: “The finger in Neqrouz’s ass? A devastating experience “

BENEVENTO – Pippo Inzaghi spoke of an episode that traumatized him during a direct Instagram with Bobo Vieri.

The declarations of the Benevento Calcio manager are reported by dagospia.com.

“The finger in Neqrouz 's ass ? That was a devastating experience.

It was one of the first games and I was told that he had already done it with others but I didn't expect it.

The game starts, he comes close to me, I touch the first ball and he hits me on the cions from below.

I turn around and say to him: “Are you kidding? What are you doing? At the end of the first half I asked Lippi to replace me otherwise I would have nudged him.

Neqrouz was the whole game that touched my skin – Superpippo resumes –

It had made me so nervous that I hadn't touched a ball.

I kept thinking about him, he kept squeezing and pulling me … Then on the way back I charged Montero … ".

Then Inzaghi also spoke of his precedents with the defense of Vicenza:

“You couldn't go there in the middle because they felt all the colors.

They also insulted each other: "Squeeze, str * nzo …

Ugo Napolitano of Cosenza Calcio?

He gave me incredible beats, once I gave him a half elbow, the eyebrow opened, he took the blood and began to spit it on me "(YouTube video).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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