Pellissier v. Ventura: “Resignation? Never seen such a thing “

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Pellissier v. Ventura: "Resignation? Never seen such a thing "

ROME – Gian Piero Ventura has suddenly resigned as coach of Chievo, after only four benches on the bench of Gialloblù .. To make note of the decision was the same Ventura, who communicated to the team just returned to the locker room.

To his players the former National coach would have said that this is not the right environment for him. Frozen resignations awaiting the meeting between Ventura and President Campedelli.

The day after the release of captain Sergio Pellissier , at Chievo since 2002. The attacker has attacked hard on social Ventura: "In this post there is all the anger I have at this time. Heavy summer with the problem of capital gains, a beginning of the season to be forgotten and to say that there is no end to the worst of the resignation of a coach who from the first moment he arrived he already wanted to go . Crazy!!! In 22 seasons as a professional I thought I saw everything but I have to admit that there is always something new. However, at Chievo we are used to being always in difficulty and we will go out head-to-head to all those who are now having fun behind us. You can not get something in life without fighting, there would be no taste, no? We start again from scratch and this time we will be even stronger. Those who love this team can not abandon it just because things go wrong, it's not like that, you do not do like Ventura, you win and you lose together like you have to be in a team. Never give up until the end ".

Pellissier's article against Ventura: "Resignation? Never seen such a thing " seems to be the first on Blitz daily .

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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