Soccer ball, a history over 150 years PHOTO

Soccer ball, a story over 150 years old PHOTO (photo Ansa)

Soccer ball, a story over 150 years old PHOTO (photo Ansa)

ROME – "There is nothing more cheerful than the bouncing ball. It is necessary to have an almost sentimental bond with the ball. You must treat it gently, as if it were a dear friend. To adjust its movements, you must subjugate it. And if you make a mistake, do not disarm, "said Pele.

The passion for football and the call of the rolling ball is irresistible for many. It was also about a century and a half ago, in 1863, when the first specifications for the realization of a soccer ball were established, established by the Football Association (the English football federation) revised in 1872, and remained essentially unchanged until the days our.

The soccer ball was initially composed of pigs blisters, rather imprecise in shape and difficult to control, it was so heavy as to cause pain in the ankles. The first change in the twentieth century concerned the composition: internally a rubber inner tube was covered with 12 leather strips tied but with enough space to be able to inflate it.

Today, most modern balloons are made up of 32 panels of impermeable (or plastic) leather , sewn together, 12 of which are pentagonal and 20 hexagonal. The 32-panel configuration is based on the shape of the truncated icosahedron and is spherical because the panels swell due to internal air pressure. The first balloon made in this way was marketed by Select in the 1950s in Denmark. This configuration became common in continental Europe in the sixties and was advertised worldwide thanks to Telstar , the official football of the 1970 world championship produced by Adidas . Since then, Telstar has provided all the official models of the World Championships seamlessly. The choice of colors was also determined by television reasons, to make it visible on black and white TV screens.

Since 2004, with the production by Adidas of Roteiro, the official football of the European Football Championship 2004 , the first in the world with thermally welded panels, are also made of seamless soccer balls. Since 2006, the 32-panel form has been abandoned.

Many companies around the world manufacture soccer balls. Only Adidas, however, is the official supplier of all the matches organized by FIFA and UEFA since the seventies; in addition, it also produces the soccer ball of the UEFA Champions League matches .

Today, obviously, the big sports brands produce the balls with which the most important football events are played. World and European Championships are now the preserve of Adidas.

Nike , on the other hand, is the official supplier of the Serie A , Italian Cup and Italian Super Cup (from the 2007-2008 season), as well as the Premier League and La Liga.

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