Pelé boccia Messi: “He is not a bomber. Cristiano Ronaldo best in the world “

RIO DE JANEIRO (BRAZIL) – During an interview with Thiago Asmar for Canal Pilhado, Pelé drew up his personal ranking with the strongest players of all time. Among them is not the historical rival Diego Armando Maradona.

According to Pele, he is the strongest footballer in football history: “Why are they better than the others? Because everyone compares to me .. ". Following Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi. According to Pele, the Portuguese is stronger than the Argentine because he is a real bomber.

Eusebio, Cruyff and Zico close their rankings … the exclusion of Maradona has the flavor of a thrust to the rival of all time. Pelé's declarations are reported on

“Cristiano Ronaldo is not as talented as Neymar on a technical level, but he is more skilled in all the other qualities that make a great player. It is very difficult to compare these three, for example Messi is not a goleador. I think Cristiano Ronaldo is the strongest in the world. He is the most consistent, but one cannot forget Messi, who however is not a gunner.

There are so many good people that I got to know … Eusebio, Cruyff, Zico … I can't give me an explanation of how Zico never won a World Cup ".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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