Parma, Gervinho is still a coincidence: he skips his transfer to Qatar

Parma, Gervinho è ancora un caso: salta il suo trasferimento in Qatar

Gervinho remains in Parma, his transfer to Al Sadd was skipped. In the photo Ansa, his typical exultation after a goal

PARMA – Another chapter of the Gervinho case. Three days after the closure of the transfer market in January, the Ivorian striker began to force Parma to sell him by not showing up for training. An unprofessional behavior that did not go down to coach D'Aversa who made the following statements to Sky Sport.

Gervinho downloaded from D'Aversa: "We have relaunched him, he had been in China for two years without training …".

“Gervinho came to us who hadn't been playing for two years because he was in China. We have regenerated him and thanks to us he will end his career with a very high engagement. So I don't want to talk about him at all but about these splendid guys who also played an extraordinary performance today ".

The fact is that Gervinho's transfer to Al Saad jumped because the two companies did not have time to reach an agreement in good time. So Gervinho will remain in Parma until the end of the season but most likely he will no longer take the field.

In any case, his transfer to Al Saad is only postponed until next summer as confirmed also by the Qatari team technician Xavi. His statements are reported by the Corriere dello Sport.

“I heard from the management that it was difficult to register Gervinho , given the closure of yesterday's transfer market. If he has been registered, he will be for next season, he is an excellent player ”. “I would have liked to have it – continued Xavi – however now it is difficult for us to register it. In the next few days we will look for a fifth foreign player who is free. "

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