Palio di Siena, the horse Raol died after a ruinous fall

Palio di Siena, the horse Raol died after a ruinous fall

Palio di Siena, the horse Raol died after a ruinous fall (photo archive Ansa)

SIENA – "At the extraordinary Palio of Siena , for the centenary of the First World War, yesterday a horse was seriously injured, fracturing its front leg. This morning the death was announced. With his death, the horses who died in this demonstration have risen to eight since 2000. It is enough to say that events are carried out that can cause damage and injury to animals. These shows are an insult to life and a slap on the image of the beautiful country ".

This was stated in a note by Rinaldo Sidoli, secretary of the ecologist's popular alliance. "After this tragedy the least we can do is to abolish the Palio di Siena. It is one of the most dangerous races ever – explains Sidoli -. About 50 horses died from 1970 to today. It is indeed an indecency to tolerate this cruelty in the name of a performance based on the exploitation of animals for commercial purposes. In 2015 the Periclea mare got injured in this same competition and was shot down just seven years ".

"We consider it unacceptable that Raoul's life ceased because of a retrograde rite – he concludes -. We are sincerely tired of this violence and these ill-treatment. The death of animals is a constant, with a tragic average of one death every two years.

The Palio can not be considered a heritage of humanity, because there can be nothing cultural in the exploitation of a living creature and in its death. Traditions must adapt to growing sensitivity and promote respect for biodiversity ".

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