Palermo Calcio sold for 10 euros: Maurizio Zamparini signs the sale

Palermo Calcio, Maurizio Zamparini lo cede per 10 euro

Palermo Calcio sold for 10 euros: Maurizio Zamparini signs the sale

PALERMO – The Palermo Calcio has sold for the symbolic price of 10 euros to a London company. This was announced by Maurizio Zamparini , who said he had signed the agreement with "a knot in his throat" but thinking "about the future of the company and the support of Palermo".

Also sold the company Mepal, owner of the brand, with "commitment to the payment of the balance of the residual credit of Palermo of 22.8 million euro" which, explains Zamparini "will enter the social coffers for a serene guarantee of economic management".

Zamparini in a letter of greeting said: "The goal reached for some time to find interlocutors who continue with more economic means my work, with important goals that can only be achieved with investments that, even for the sad my last vicissitudes judicial authorities, I was no longer able to do ".

"The new London property – adds the former owner of the rosanero – will implement, with the help of industrial associations, the necessary activities for the construction of the stadium and the sports center. I have already contacted the mayor, who has enthusiastically promised his maximum collaboration to realize in the shortest time of the project ". The new owners of 100% of the sports package of the Città di Palermo spa are still nameless. The presence of their representation in Sicily is announced for the next week, for a meeting with the team and the city.

"I am sad about the latest events that have involved me, drawing in the media what I am not: I am, and all my past life witnesses it, an extremely honest, correct, socially active and generous person". This was stated by the former owner of Palermo, Maurizio Zamparini, in a 'letter of greeting', announcing the sale of the entire club stock package to a London company at the symbolic sum of 10 euros.

"Every time I go down to Palermo – adds Zamparini – I feel the affection and the gratitude of the people of Palermo; when I walk in every European city I receive the demonstration of gratitude and affection of all the people of Palermo who have emigrated to Europe and the world. Recognition for all the sports results that gave Palermo after my arrival a contribution to a different image that is relevant to the reality of generous people, correct and with a millenary culture. With my management – Zamparini points out – there are rosanero sweaters in all the world's airports and they will always be there in the future. Even with the diversity of a man from the north I loved and love your city and your customs. Every time I come back I would like to be welcomed like one of you. With deep sadness and much affection – Zamparini says – I salute you ".

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