Cristiano Ronaldo, alleged rape of Mayorga: the questionnaire with two versions from the Football Leaks

Cristiano Ronaldo, questionario su stupro con due versioni diverse

Cristiano Ronaldo, alleged rape of Kathryn Mayorga: check out a questionnaire from the Football Leaks

ROME – New accusations against Cristiano Ronaldo on the alleged rape of the model Kathryn Mayorga . To publish the documents on the event that dates back to 2009 in Las Vegas is Der Spiegel, who explains that he obtained the information from the files of the Football Leaks. The model publicly accused the player 9 years after the alleged violence only last September, explaining that she had failed in the past to do so for the serious trauma.

The model has filed a civil suit with the Juventus striker because his new lawyer believes that the non-disclosure agreement signed nine years ago by the Mayorga is not valid, since it was traumatized at the time of signing. The Ronaldo team tried to prevent the media coverage of the case, until asking for a preliminary injunction against Der Spiegel, but without results.

So now new details emerge, as reported by Corriere della Sera, which speaks of the version of Ronaldo on what happened on June 13, 2009 at the Palms Place hotel in Las Vegas. The document reported by the German newspaper is a 27-page questionnaire developed by Ronaldo's lawyers to get an idea of ​​what happened that night. Two answers given by the player to the same questions: first in September 2009, then in December 2009. And the versions differ.

In the reconstruction of the two versions the differences are reported by several sites that have translated the Der Spiegel, are quite similar. Ronaldo admits he had a relationship from behind, on his side, with Mayorga. In September he speaks of a weak opposition to the relationship on the part of the woman, phrases that could cast doubt on the consensuality that disappear from the updated version of December. Just a coincidence? Meanwhile, the police investigate the accusations of the model to the rich and famous football player.

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