Osvaldo is … disappeared. Banfield puts it out pink

The former Juventus, Inter and Roma footballer, Pablo Daniel Osvaldo … is gone.

So much so that Banfield, the Argentine team that in January had tried to bet on the attacker , has now decided to cut Osvaldo from the staff.

This was announced by the vice president of the club, Oscar Tucker, explaining that the former blue has been unavailable for 15 days.

The Gazzetta dello Sport tells the story.

During the lockdown, which is still ongoing in Argentina, the Banfield coach has organized individual training sessions organized through Zoom for about a month.

The problem is that "Osvaldo hasn't been in the news for two weeks," Tucker said.

And for this "the technical staff has decided not to count on him anymore".

Termination on arrival then? Very very likely.

The Gazzetta dello Sport writes :

“To justify his absence, the 34-year-old bomber allegedly gave unspecified personal reasons to the technician Sanguinetti.

But from that moment on he never showed up, making himself untraceable.

'At the first goal we will celebrate by smoking a cigarette,' joked coach Sanguinetti recalling the controversial episode that led to the break between the former Azzurri and Boca Juniors before retiring.

That cigarette never came, but Osvaldo will no longer have to face the problem.

The termination of the contract – argue in Argentina – seems the only possible conclusion of an adventure that should mark his definitive farewell to football ". (Source: La Gazzetta dello Sport ).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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