North stadium absent in Genoa-Milan for protest, Prandelli: “Without fans it’s tough”

Gradinata Nord assente in Genoa-Milan per protesta, Prandelli: "Senza tifosi è dura"

North gradinata absent in Genoa-Milan for protest, Prandelli: "Without fans is tough" (Ansa)

GENOA – The fans of the North Staircase were speaking, they announced that they would not enter the stadium to protest against the choice of the match time against AC Milan at 3:00 pm and left the empty steps. On the stands a single banner dedicated to a dead fan Saturday in a car accident.

The decision to have the game played on Monday afternoon was taken by the Observatory for sports events on the indications of the Minister of the Interior Salvini, for fear of accidents. The mayor of Genoa, Marco Bucci, the governor of Liguria Giovanni Toti and the coach of Genoa Prandelli, as well as numerous parliamentarians who spoke of slapping the city, have expressed themselves against this decision.

Prandelli: "Without the Gradinata Nord it's really hard"

"We need to pack up the environment, if we are all united we can make an important return round. Today we had a good football, put in trouble for Milan and we could have scored. Today it was played at 15:00 on Monday, perhaps the first time in the history of football … Without the support of the North Gradinata is tough "

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