Nike Merlin Hi-Vis, the Serie A winter ball

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Nike Merlin Hi-Vis, the Serie A winter ball

ROME – It will once again be a "high visibility" ball, to "improve the performance of the teams", the one that will be used for the Serie A matches in the winter. It is called Merlin Hi-Vis , is produced by Nike , is characterized by yellow with blue and fuchsia details that optimize visual acuity, allowing players to quickly grasp the trajectories.

For the first time, Nike has integrated All Conditions Control (Acc) technology into a soccer ball to ensure optimal touch and control in all weather and field conditions. The Merlin soccer ball for this season, 2018-2019, is characterized by advanced design, materials and construction that make it worthy of being the official Serie A, Premier and Liga ball.

Nike has created a ball with a wider striking surface, reducing the traditional 12-panel structure to just four. As a result, the number of stitches is reduced by 40%, the hard points have been eliminated, the ball is opened and a more obvious ideal point has been created. A latex inner tube (instead of the traditional rubber) was used wrapped in patented materials to promote a more constant air pressure and maintain the shape. Nike Merlin Hi-Vis will debut in Serie A tomorrow, October 27th, on the tenth day of the championship.

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