Neymar accused of homophobic insults against mom’s “toy boy”

SAINT PAUL (BRAZIL) – Neymar has been charged with alleged homophobic insults against his mother 's boyfriend.

More than boyfriend, in Brazil Tiago Ramos is considered a toy boy because he is much smaller than the mother of the Brazilian striker.

In the last few weeks there has been a hitch between Neymar's mom and Tiago Ramos because the lady would have discovered her boyfriend's escapades with other men.

In fact, Tiago Ramos would be attracted to both women and men.

A Brazilian LGBT activist filed a complaint against Neymar at the São Paulo prosecutor's office for homophobia.

The Paris SG striker would have called his mother's bisexual partner a " little gay".

Activist Agripino Magalhaes, who is not directly involved in the case, has announced on Instagram that he intends to file a complaint for "homophobia and hate speech".

The 28-year-old attacker's entourage declined to comment on this information.

Homophobic insults were heard in an audio recording of the player's private conversation with several friends leaked to the press.

Neymar named Tiago Ramos, 22, a boyfriend of her mother Nadine Gonçalves, 52, "little gay" and "son of p * ttana".

Nadine Gonçalves has made public his relationship with the young in April, while the tabloid press revealed shortly after he is bisexual.

A year ago, Neymar had been accused of rape by a Brazilian woman who had brought to Paris after an online flirt, but the case was closed for lack of definitive evidence.

Right now Neymar is on "vacation" because the French championship was permanently discontinued for the coronavirus.

Neymar will be back on the pitch for the Champions League.

The Ligue 1 has decided not to return as the championships of Belgium and Holland.

On the contrary, our tournament, the Italian one, will start again on June 20th.

However, Neymar's season is not over because he will be protagonist in the Champions League with his PSG (source ANSA-AFP).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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