Italian Cup, no extra for semifinals and final. In the event you will immediately go to penalties

ROME – The Italian Cup changes its rules at the time of the coronavirus.

The second most important Italian trophy after the Scudetto will be awarded from 12 to 17 June.

It will be the first Italian cup awarded during the coronavirus but it will be above all the official restart of football in our country.

It starts with Juventus-Milan on June 12 , the next day will be the turn of the other semi-final, the one between Naples and Inter.

In the days before the matches, the Milanese protested, and not a little, for this format.

The two finalists will be forced to an authentic tour de force after three months of inactivity.

The semifinals will be played on 12 and 13 while the final will be played on 17 June.

So the two finalists will go to play two games in five days and then the championship is back on June 20 …

The federation did not accept their request to play the cup at the end of the championship, but still tried to meet these clubs.

For this reason, extra time has been abolished both for the semifinals and for the final.

Restarting with potential 120-minute games would have been too much if we consider the very long inactivity of players and teams.

The Italian football federation has communicated it through the following press notes.

"Italian Cup semi-finals.

As the number of goals scored away is also equal, the referee will take the penalty kicks, in the manner prescribed by the Football Game Rules.

Italian Cup final.

The team that scores the most goals wins the competition.

Being equal to the number of goals scored, the referee will take the penalty kicks. "

Italian Cup, here are the four teams that will play the trophy.

Four teams remain in the running to win the trophy: Juventus, Milan, Inter and Napoli.

Let us briefly recall the outcome of the first leg.

Milan and Juventus drew 1 to 1 at San Siro while Napoli won on Inter with the result of 1 to 0.

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