New San Siro, photo of the 1.2 billion private investment project

Nuovo San Siro, foto del progetto da 1.2 miliardi di investimenti privati

The photo of the new San Siro project. Photo ANSA / PRESS OFFICE

MILAN – Inter and Milan have just presented to the city of Milan, learns the Ansa, the masterplan of the new San Siro stadium. This is a 1.2 billion private investment project for a new and modern sports area in the neighborhood.

It is therefore the first official step of the two clubs to "start a shared path towards the construction, in the San Siro area, of a modern, sustainable and accessible urban district, which revolves around an innovative sports facility with the highest standards international ", as stated in a joint statement by Inter and Milan.

Inside there would be a new plant "with about 60 thousand seats, in the area adjacent to that of the current stadium" and "a multi-functional district in the area of ​​Meazza dedicated to sport, entertainment, shopping and entertainment" , a space that should represent "a meeting place able to welcome citizens, fans and tourists 365 days a year, giving employment to over 3,500 people".

The realization of this project is considered "essential" by the two clubs "to bring the football of Milan among the elite of European and world football". The investments for 1.2 billion euros will be sustained by the two companies "against the granting of a surface right at 90, to be assigned through public tender, for which the two clubs, as proponents, will have a right of first refusal" .

Today the Milan and Inter football clubs have delivered a "Technical Economic Feasibility Project for the construction of the New Stadium for Milan and its multifunctional district".

The Municipality of Milan thus formalizes the news anticipated by Ansa with a note. "The document received is extremely full-bodied and consists of over 750 pages – it is written in a note -. Therefore it will deserve a careful analysis by the technicians of the Municipality and only after this will it be possible to express the first evaluations "(source Ansa).

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Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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