James Rodriguez makes Naples dream, his figurine is already in the PHOTO nativity scenes

James Rodriguez, la sua statuina è già presente nei presepi di Napoli FOTO

Photo of the statue of James Rodriguez in the cribs of Naples (Ansa)

NAPLES – James Rodriguez is not yet officially a Napoli player but there is no lack of clues that suggest his next move to Campania. During a soccer game with friends in Colombia, everyone wore the Napoli shirt. Now the statue of James Rodriguez has made its appearance in the cribs of Naples.

His name has been circulating for a while as a possible purchase but in Naples, without the official arrival of the Colombian player, James Rodriguez is already mania. In San Gregorio Armeno, in the workshop of the crib art of the maestro Marco Ferrigno, the statuette of the soccer player with a blue shirt is shown.

The player of the Colombian national team is represented with the right arm raised, with the playing uniform and the yellow shoes. "Even if it is still lacking the official status Rodriguez has already entered our hearts – explained Ferrigno – a group of Spanish tourists who were visiting Naples said he is a great player. We are happy, we hope that with him we can do even better than in previous years ”.

Carlo Ancelotti: "James Rodriguez is ideal for Napoli quality football".

"We want to do better than last season, there is regret for the second part. We will play a quality football, James Rodriguez is an element that possesses and puts a lot of it, but it is not at this moment a player of Napoli. The club's will is to keep the players better, I have not given the go-ahead for any transfer. There will be opportunities to evaluate until August 31, the goal is to improve the team ".

Thus Carlo Ancelotti, at a press conference, in Dimaro (Trento), the site of the Naples retreat. "We must try to win, we have been competitive," he added (source: Ansa).

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