Napoli-Parma, Giuntoli: “Ancelotti great man. Gattuso can see that he made the mess “

Napoli-Parma, Giuntoli: "Ancelotti grande uomo. Gattuso si vede che ha fatto la gavetta"

Naples, Carlo Ancelotti in the photo Ansa. He was exonerated to make room for Rino Gattuso

NAPLES – Before the game between Napoli and Parma, the manager of the Campania company Giuntoli was interviewed by Sky Sport to talk about the exemption of Carlo Ancelotti and the arrival of Rino Gattuso on the bench of the Campania company. Here are his statements.

The statements of Giuntoli on Gattuso. “In the meantime, we can see that he has made a journey, both in the lower categories and with young people. He is a boy who has a great personality. Whether he derives from being a great footballer, I don't know, however, he is already a great connoisseur of the trade, although he has only been doing it for seven years ".

The statements of Giuntoli on De Laurentiis, Callejon and Mertens. "The president was fantastic, he was with us, helping to support this path, this step. I think it was useful to the whole team, giving serenity, tranquility. Mertens and Callejon? The dialogues with our players have never ended, speeches are open and we'll see what happens. However, there is great serenity and, above all, a desire for redemption.

The statements of Giuntoli on Carlo Ancelotti . "Carlo is a great man and a great coach. I've always had a great relationship with him. So I can't help but thank him for all he has done with Napoli ”.

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