Napoli-Parma, penalty on Zielinski turned into a punishment: that’s why

Napoli-Parma, rigore su Zielinski trasformato in punizione: ecco perché

Napoli-Parma, referee Marco Di Bello reviewed the contact between Hernani and Zielinski at var, assigning the punishment to the hosts instead of the initial penalty (Sky Sports still image)

NAPLES – Important episode from slow motion in the final of the first half between Naples and Parma. On the result of one to zero for the guests, Marco Di Bello assigned a player to Napoli after the fall in the penalty area of ​​Zielinski. Seeing the action at normal speed, nothing irregular was seen. Also seeing it in slow motion, it is hard to find something wrong. Only Zielinski can be seen crossing Hernani at speed and then falling to the ground.

According to the referee Marco Di Bello there was an almost imperceptible touch of Hernani against Zielinski. Instead, many on social media have protested speaking of scandalous rigor or even of self-tripping of Zielinski. However, after a long silent check, Marco Di Bello went to the sideline to review the episode on the monitor of the var.

After reviewing the episode at the var, the referee Di Bello decided to change his initial decision. He continued to sanction the intervention of Hernani on Zielinski, believing it to be a foul, but he turned the initial penalty into a free kick because according to him the contact had taken place outside the penalty area of ​​Parma.

The free kick was shot, unsuccessfully by Insigne. If the referee had confirmed the penalty, Milik would have pulled him, a very fit player who has just returned from a nice hat-trick in the Champions League against Genk.

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