Napoli-Genoa, that’s why Mertens was not given the penalty

Rigore Napoli Genoa mano su tiro di Mertens arbitro non lo assegna

Hand of a Genoa soccer player on a Mertens pitch, referee does not assign penalty to Napoli (VAR still image)

NAPLES – Napoli -Genoa ended on the result of zero to zero with two major slow motion episodes. At the start of the game, the referee canceled the goal to Lorenzo Insigne for a starting offside position for Lozano. Right decision because the Mexican was in a rather clear offside position. There are definitely more doubts in the recovery.

On a punishment kicked by Mertens, there is a rather clear hand intervention by a Genoa soccer player in the barrier. Before making a decision, the referee decided to consult the var and use the silent check tool. Then, to the disappointment of the home crowd, he decided not to assign the penalty to Napoli.

Why did he do it? The arm was high, usually in these cases rigor is assigned. This time the referee pardoned the Genoa footballer because he considered his protective gesture. According to the race director, the Genoa footballer did not move in that way so as not to score the Napoli but simply not to take the ball in the face. The decision has caused discussion and is destined to be discussed for a long time on social networks.

The Napoli-Genoa article , which is why Mertens was not given the penalty seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

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