Lazio-Lecce penalties, that’s why Lapadula’s goal was canceled

Rigore Lazio Lecce Lapadula gol viene annullato ecco perché

The penalty missed by Babacar in Lazio Lecce and the irregular position of Lapadula (Sky Sports still image)

ROME – Lazio-Lecce was characterized by two major slow motion episodes . In the second half, the referee awarded Lecce a penalty for a foul by Sergej Milinkovic Savic on Mancosu. The Serbian hooks the Lecce player from behind, a clear penalty. From eleven meters, Babacar had the conclusion repelled by Strakosha. On the rebound, Lapadula slammed into an empty net.

The former Milan central striker went to celebrate the network under the curve of the Lecce fans but when he returned to the field he received an unpleasant surprise seeing that his network was canceled. The referee took away the goal because Lapadula, as well as two Lazio players, entered the penalty area before the execution of Babacar's shot. A few minutes later, the referee awarded Lazio a penalty.

Milinkovic entered the area from the right, then crossed, the ball was hit with Calderoni's arm while the latter was falling. The referee awarded the penalty without hesitation and Immobile scored it. The race ended with Lazio winning four by two over Lecce at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome.

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