Napoli-Genoa, Insigne the most whistled by VIDEO YOUTUBE fans

Napoli Genoa Insigne fischiato tifosi video YouTube lettura formazioni

Naples, Insigne and Ancelotti in the photo Ansa

NAPLES – Napoli-Genoa started with a challenge to the home fans . Napoli supporters are furious at the negative results of their favorite team and the decision of the players to mutiny with the club to stop the withdrawal imposed by the club after the defeat of the Olympic stadium against Roma.

Shortly before the start of the game, so many choirs started against players like: "Shame" or "Go to work". Then, at the time of reading the Napoli-Genoa teams, there were no boos for the opponents but for the home players. The most whistled was Captain Lorenzo Insigne. The Napoli fans did not exclaim his surname and submerged him with boos.

The same had happened a few days ago when the Napoli fans who were present at the stadium for open-door training had fiercely contested Lorenzo Insigne and the rest of the team. The video from YouTube with the whistles of the Napoli fans at the time of reading the formations. The most whistled was Lorenzo Insigne.

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