Napoli-Genoa, Insigne whistled at the time of substitution

Napoli Genoa Insigne fischiato sostituzione

Naples, Lorenzo Insigne was booed loudly at the time of replacement (photo Ansa)

NAPLES – Lorenzo Insigne's nightmare week ended at 66 ′ Napoli-Genoa. The captain of the Campania team was the player most booed by Napoli fans before and during the match. The fans accuse him of poor attachment to the Napoli shirt. Insigne has been among the mutineers who have deserted the withdrawal imposed by the company and this the fans have not forgiven him since the attacker is Neapolitan, Naples supporter and captain of the team. They wanted to see a greater attachment to the shirt from a player who until recently considered "one of them".

In training before the match, the fans present challenged Insigne filling him with insults. Before Napoli-Genoa, the fans whistled Insigne loudly when they read the formations. Even during the race they did not spare him chants and whistles. The peak was reached at 66 ', when Ancelotti decided to replace a disappointing Insigne to include Elmas in the field.

At the time of his exit from the camp, Insigne was booed as at the time of reading the formations. The rift between the captain and the Napoli supporters seems difficult to rectify from what we have seen in recent days.

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