Napoli, Gattuso: “Fines for footballers? First the victories, then we’ll solve the rest … “

Napoli, Gattuso: "Multe ai calciatori? Prima le vittorie, poi risolveremo il resto..."

Naples, Rino Gattuso and the players in the photo Ansa

NAPLES – At Napoli, we return to talking about the fines to the players after their mutiny after the Champions League match against Salzburg. To talk about it, for the first time, is the new Napoli coach Rino Gattuso . Its declarations are reported by the Ansa.

“The players only told me about the fines on the first day, then I never heard of them again. Now we have to work, we know that after some important performances we will be able to sit at the table and solve this thing, so now priority at the field.

After tomorrow's race there will be six days of rest, then we will meet the president and the sports director and talk about everything – he added -. The team has strong players and I hope they will sit down and sign the renewals, because there are few better than them around. There were certainly problems, but they are solved with the results and improving mentally and physically, this is the problem ”.

Napoli is back from a long series of negative results that led to the exoneration of Carlo Ancelotti. Even Gattuso's debut did not go according to plan as the Campania team lost at home to Parma. Now the time has come to return to victory, after all else will be thought of at home in Naples … (source ANSA).

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