Sebastiano Esposito, who he is. Marotta: “It is from 2002, he has great talent but let’s leave him alone …”

Sebastiano Esposito, chi è. Marotta: "E' del 2002, ha grande talento ma lasciamolo in pace..."

Sebastiano Esposito with the Inter shirt

MILAN – Before the Serie A game between Inter and Genoa, the managing director of Inter Giuseppe Marotta spoke to Sky Sport about the debut as owner of the 2002 baby phenomenon Sebastiano Esposito . Here are his statements.

About Sebastiano Esposito and the January market

You don't have to put pressure on him, he's a very young boy, from 2002, he proudly comes from the youth sector. We don't have to judge him, we are in an emergency, he responds to the appeal, he will surely respond in the best way in the context of the commitment and we hope that he can also give in terms of quality.

For the rest our strategy remains the same, unchanged, we look at the January market not so much as a repair but instead to seize those opportunities, in my opinion few, that can arise.

What will push you to make that extra effort in January?

We definitely want to grow, we have done these six months at the highest level, in an extraordinary way, we want to continue in this climb or ascent, we know that the rose is a bit reduced, and consequently if there are opportunities we take them because we definitely want to be competitive.  

Sebastiano Esposito, who he is. The nerazzurri baby bomber made his debut in the Europa League last year, just 16 years old during the internal defeat of Inter against Eintracht Frankfurt. During this season, he made his debut in the Champions League at the age of 17, entering the field at the 61 'of Inter-Borussia Dortmund in place of a disappointing Romelu Lukaku.

Esposito played very well, he also managed to earn a penalty in the 81st minute when he overtook Hummels and was knocked out by the German central but Martinez made a mistake from the eleven meters.

Esposito is the star of the Nerazzurri's youth sector but also of the Italian Youth Nationals as it has achieved the beauty of 23 goals in 33 games. He is a complete striker because he is 186 cm tall but he is also very fast and technically strong (source Sky Sport).

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