Nainggolan: “I’m afraid to pass on the coronavirus to my wife”

CAGLIARI – During this period of quarantine, Radja Nainggolan was interviewed by Kat Kerkhofs , wife of Dries Mertens who takes care of a column where she interviews Belgian footballers scattered around the world.

Nainggolan's statements are reported by which cites

“Coronavirus is a big problem, we only talk about this. Hospitals are avoided and therapies are delayed somewhat.

It is therefore hoped that everything will go well as soon as possible, because she (Claudia) still has a weak immune system. Therefore avoid hospitals.

There are waiting lists that determine when you can go, "says the player.

“Now when I go shopping there is a risk that I can get the virus. When I get home, I'm afraid I can pass it on to her, but I'm careful and I think everything went well.

It has already gone through the most difficult period, things are going in the right direction at the moment. "

“Football has always been a hobby for me and I have been able to make it my job. But I try to live as much as possible as a "normal" person.

The most important things for me are my achievements and the education of my children. I want to be an example on the field, it is also up to parents to train their children.

Unlike others, I am not hiding. Every day can be the last and that's why I want to live to the fullest. "

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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