Musacchio stretches Dybala, it is rigor. The Argentine scores 1-1 in Juventus-Milan

Musacchio stende Dybala, è rigore. L'argentino segna l'1-1 in Juventus-Milan

Musacchio stretches Dybala, it is rigor. The Argentine scores 1-1 in Juventus-Milan. Photo ANSA / ALESSANDRO DI MARCO

TURIN – Another important episode from slow motion in Juventus-Milan. At 59 ', the referee Fabbri decided to consult Juventus' penalty kick for an untidy speech by Musacchio against Paulo Dybala. The number ten of Juventus was launched to the net by a millimetric launch of Leonardo Bonucci from the rear. Musacchio tried to reach him but was late. The Argentine defender is braked on Dybala and the referee Fabbri, after consulting his collaborators in the room of the var, has decided to assign the penalty kick to the hosts for the joy of the Bianconeri fans present at Allianz Stadium.

Musacchio-Dybala, the assignment of the penalty infuriated Milan.

This decision sent Milan's football players and technical staff on a rampage. Gattuso complained about the unequal treatment, citing the first-half slow-motion episode, when Milan had not been awarded a penalty for a touch with Alex Sandro's elbow on a Calhanoglu cross in the Juventus penalty area.

On that occasion, the referee Fabbri after talking to the room of the var, decided to go and consult the monitor in person. After seeing the action on the var monitor, the referee Fabbri decided not to assign the penalty to Milan giving the Rossoneri only a corner kick.

The Musacchio article extends Dybala, it is rigor. The Argentine marks the 1-1 in Juventus-Milan seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

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