Alex Sandro, elbow on Calhanoglu’s cross in Juventus-Milan: for var is not rigor

Alex Sandro, gomito su cross di Calhanoglu in Juventus-Milan: per var non è rigore

Alex Sandro, elbow on Calhanoglu's cross in Juventus-Milan: for var it is not rigor (Sky Sport still image)

TURIN – Major episode of slow motion in Juventus-Milan when the result was still nailed to zero to zero. At 34 ', Calhanoglu went to the cross from the right and his cross was deflected in the corner by Alex Sandro with his elbow. The Rossoneri immediately protested against the referee Fabbri asking for the penalty to be awarded. After a brief comparison with the room of the var through the silent check, the referee Fabbri decided to go and consult the monitor in person. After a quick consultation of the monitor, the referee Fabbri returned to the pitch to communicate his decision to the players eagerly waiting.

Alex Sandro-Calhanoglu, referee Fabbri not grant the penalty after consulting a var.

The referee Fabbri has decided not to give the penalty kick to Milan and has decided to give the Rossoneri only a corner kick. His decision was greeted by applause from the Juventus fans at Allianz Stadium, who then breathed a sigh of relief, but sent Milan's football players into a rage and even Gattuso on the bench didn't want to taken well …

This episode of slow motion, which certainly did not favor Milan, did nothing but charge Gattuso's men. So, a little later, Bakayoko threw himself on Bonucci as a fury and recovered a very important ball. Then the former Chelsea player served Piatek who could not make a mistake in front of Szczesny giving the Rossoneri the lead.

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