Mourinho, unreleased video check: “Eriksen we can sell him because he has no meanness”

Mourinho has endorsed the sale of Eriksen to Inter. Check out an unreleased video from an Amazon documentary.

Mourinho did not oppose the sale of Eriksen to Inter, on the contrary he endorsed it. This is what emerges from the documentary aired on Amazon entitled 'All or Nothing'.

This documentary chronicled Tottenham's past season focusing on backstories that were not yet known to the public.

Among these background, there is a video – you can see it at the bottom of the article – where Mourinho reasons with President Levy on the sale of Eriksen.

At the end of this confrontation, Mou gave the okay for the transfer of the player to Inter because in his opinion he lacked malice.

But this is not the only reason that prompted Tottenham to sell the Danish player. It should also be said that shortly thereafter he would free himself on a free transfer. So it's better to cash in something in January than nothing.

Here is Mourinho's explanation to Levy.

“Eriksen is invaluable in the stages of the match where you have to put the game to sleep by holding the ball. Then it must also be said that with him on the pitch, Tottenham's maneuver is more fluid.

Despite this, I agree with its sale. Eriksen is a dynamic footballer but he has no meanness. It doesn't have this quality. We can sell it ”( YouTube video).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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