Naples, cryotherapy in the garbage cans. Comes the clarification of the club

The Napoli footballers carried out cryotherapy sessions in the garbage cans. The Campania company clarified the reasons for this choice.

The Napoli footballers carried out cryotherapy sessions in the trash cans of Castel Di Sangro ( photo here ).

This decision sparked irony on social media both from the fans of the other teams and from some of Napoli.

For this reason, the Campania company has published a press release to clarify this situation.

"It is embarrassing to see how media, even very important ones, report the news that Napoli players use garbage cans to do cryotherapy, without in the least checking the reasons for this initiative and whether it is an idea of ​​Gattuso or a common practice .

We do the work that hasn't been done. Question: why do you use the bins? Because they are very wide and tall and the players are submerged above the waist.

Furthermore, the bins meet the requirements of the Covid protocol which requires each player to dive alone. Question: Are they clean or dirty bins? Of course they are not only clean but also new, never used and sanitized 3 times a day.

Question: Are you the only ones doing this activity with bins? No, many teams do. Question: So it's not Gattuso's idea? No".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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