Milan ready to give up the Europa League: Roma enters by right, leaving the preliminaries to Torino

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Milan ready to give up the Europa League: the scenarios for Rome and Turin

ROME – If Milan, in agreement with Uefa, will give up the next Uefa League to get a one-year postponement to reach a balanced budget, Roma would climb to its place with direct participation in the tournament while Torino, ranked seventh , would access the preliminaries instead of the Giallorossi.

Milan would be convinced to give up their participation in the Europa League in exchange for more time to reach a balanced budget (currently set for 2021) according to the poles imposed by the Financial Fair Play. Diplomatic work would be underway for an agreement between the Rossoneri and Uefa.

According to the article of the Corriere della Sera signed by Arianna Ravelli, the Judicial Chamber of UEFA has decided to suspend the judgment on Milan for violations of the PSF rules in the 2015-2018 three-year period to await the decision of the TAS on the violations of the previous three-year . Now the Rossoneri society finds itself in the uncomfortable situation of risking a "sum of penalties" for the three-year period 2014-2017 and 2015-2018 and for this it would like to reach an agreement with Uefa, a sort of "plea bargaining" within the rules allowed with a diplomatic work that has been going on for weeks: no Europa League in exchange for more time, compared to the currently set 2021, to return to a balanced budget according to the stakes of Financial Fair Play.

A situation that also closely concerns Rome and Turin. The Uefa regulation, in fact, when dealing with access to competitions deals in a different way with the case of renouncement of a team or of disqualification, according to article 4.

Article 4.04 : if a team refuses or renounces to take part in a competition to which it has qualified for sporting merit and for which it has obtained the license, no other team of the same federation will take its place. In this case there would be no room for Turin. Article 4.08 : if a team is not admitted to a competition, it will be replaced by the club best placed in the local championship. In this case, Roma would go directly to the groups and Turin to the preliminaries.

So everything will depend on the type of agreement between Milan and Uefa and if the judging chamber will opt to accept the possible renouncement of the Rossoneri or will be inclined to disqualify by opening the doors to Turin.

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