Women’s soccer has won: 6.5 million in front of the TV. More than Italy-Greece males

Calcio donne ha vinto: Italia-Brasile 6,5 milioni davanti alla tv. Più di Italia-Grecia maschi

Women's soccer has won: 6.5 million in front of the TV. More than Italy-Greece males (in the photo Ansa, a moment of Italy-Brazil)

ROME – Women's soccer, women's football has won, has broken through, has risen to audience honors. More than you imagined possible. Faster than you could imagine. From now on women's football, women's soccer will be the younger sister of men's soccer. But the same family and little sister is destined to grow.

To decide and show that this was the case was television, or rather people in front of the television. Football is (for those who have not yet metabolized it and if there was still no reason for it) above all a television entertainment format. Yes, of course, the game itself that is beautiful and has no match with other games. Yes, of course, rooting, passion and feeling. And the colors and the jerseys and the idols and the wonders and even the brocchi. And the championships and the Cups. And the rivalries, even the hatreds. And the wonderful, fantastic unpredictability of the ball that nobody managed to reduce, the ball does what it wants. And the fact that in football the strongest and the strongest win, but also the least good and the least strong, if the ball wants … All beautiful, indeed beautiful. And all entered and included in the television entertainment format.

As the movioles mentioned before and as the VARs proclaim today, what happens on TV is what really happens. The money comes to football from TV, the results come to football from TV, the truth has the tone of TV, consumption is television. So if mom tv says that women's football goes, then women's football goes.

And in fact six and a half million Italians in front of the TV to see Italy-Brazil as women. Match that in itself counted for nothing: Italy women already qualified for the round of 16 of the Women's World Cup. But game that has already become a must, a recall, even a social occasion: what are you doing tonight, let's look at Italy-Brazil? There was almost no need to add: Italy-Brazil female. Unthinkable just a few weeks ago.

The TV, the TV people said yes to women's football, to women playing soccer. Six and a half million spectators, more than there were to see Italy-Greece playing males. The TV said yes, from now on an Italian mother in front of her daughter who wanted to try to play football, who should choose football certainly not as a dream or a profession but simply as a girlish sport among girls, the Italian mother did not will say no more. Because the TV has cleared, put the stamp of home and family on the soccer of the females. The males who should continue to say football is not sport for young ladies (or even worse about women who do football) they will be on TV only in the part of the bastians against, in short they will be on TV in the role of the speck. Take a look, the role that until now was reserved for the woman who played soccer.

The women's soccer article won: 6.5 million in front of the TV. More than Italy-Greece males seem to be the first on daily Blitz .

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