Milan, many transfers and some return: the point of the situation

Milan, tante cessioni e qualche ritorno: il punto della situazione

Milan, many transfers and some return: the point of the situation. André Silva in the photo ANSA / MATTEO BAZZI

MILAN – Milan is an open construction site. Many will leave Milanello at the end of the season. Perhaps also the coach Gattuso and the manager Leonardo (in his place should arrive Campos, magician of the capital gains). But I'm not the only coach and managers to stand up, there will be many players who will leave the Rossoneri shirt after the last day of the championship to move elsewhere. Let's analyze the situation, role by role.

Calciomercato Milan, the outgoing players role by role.

GOALKEEPERS – Milan have too many goalkeepers. One of Donnarumma's brother and Plizzari will be sold elsewhere. At least Gigio Donnarumma does not start, courted by big clubs like Paris Saint Germain and Tottenham. In any case, three are too many. One will go elsewhere. The brother of Donnarumma has a lot of market in Greece while the young Plizzari likes half the Serie B.

DEFENSORS – There are only two certainties: Ignazio Abate and Cristian Zapata will leave Milan on a free transfer. The Rossoneri decided not to renew their contracts. Strinic is in the balance, a player who is closed by Rodriguez and Laxalt and who missed the whole season with heart problems and physical problems. It could be sold. There is talk of a possible return to Sampdoria.

CENTROCAMPISTS – Three departures are official: Montolivo, Mauri and Bertolacci will leave Milan after not leaving any trace during this championship. Bakayoko should return to Chelsea for the end of the loan but Milan is reflecting on whether to redeem him or not. Calhanoglu has not convinced and is out but at the moment there are no offers for the former Leverkusen midfielder.

ATTACKERS – Milan would be willing to sell Piatek only if the qualification for the next Champions League does not arrive. In that case the Rossoneri would be forced to sell it, because it is the player with the most market, to respect the financial obligations set by financial fair play.

RETURNS – André Silva, Gustavo Gomez and Simic return to Milan. These three players will not be redeemed by the companies where they played on loan. Milan will have to decide whether to keep them or place them elsewhere.

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