Pochettino’s cousin: “He met Juve but also likes Psg and Real”

Il cugino di Pochettino: "Ha incontrato la Juve ma piace anche a Psg e Real"

Pochettino's cousin: "He met Juve but also likes Psg and Real". Photo EPA / NEIL HALL

TURIN – The statements made by Daniele Pochettino, cousin of the Tottenham coach , to the juvenews.eu microphones. "In our family we are all Juventus. In fact, since we learned the news that my cousin is one of the candidates to go and train Juve, we are no longer in the skin. We all hope that Mauricio can reach Juve ".

Pochettino met Juventus, cousin Daniele revealed it.

Below are the most important statements released by Pochettino's cousin at juvenews.eu. "As far as I know, this meeting took place. I was not told by him so I cannot say with certainty when and how, however, I know they met ”. Bringing a team like Tottenham in the final, certainly with the collaboration of the team, in the whole is a good start.

We are also a bit biased because we support Juve from a lifetime, from the time of Bettega, Scirea, Furino. I think he is a Juve coach. We Pochettino cousins ​​are all Juventus and we would like it here ". "I know that Real and PSG have searched for it. They are all very strong teams so for us it is an honor regardless. Currently of Italian teams on Pochettino or Pocettino, as they call it in England, there is only Juve ".

Pochettino's article The cousin: "He met Juve but also likes Psg and Real" seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

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