Messi resident of Recanati: they sent him the electoral card

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Messi resident of Recanati: they sent him the electoral card

ROME – Lionel Messi saw the electoral postcard of the town of Recanati , in the province of Macerata, arrive in Barcelona, ​​the city of his great-great-grandfather who emigrated to Argentina in the late 1800s.

Angelo Messi, great-grandfather of the champion , left from Recanati to Argentina in 1883. And today, 136 years later, the five-time Pallone d'Oro was invited to vote to elect the new mayor and the municipal council of the original city of his family. Messi, who has Italian citizenship, is a member of the Aire (Italian Register of Residents Abroad), where he received the postcard for the municipal elections on May 26th in Barcelona, ​​where he resides.

Francesco Fiordomo, mayor of Macerata, revealed it with a post on Facebook: "A few days ago the postcard for the illustrious fellow citizen started. Having dual citizenship, on 26 May it could present itself in Recanati and vote for the new mayor and the new municipal council. After the super double and the Champions League final one step away, I really think it won't surprise us. The invitation for honorary citizenship has been under way for some time ”. (source FACEBOOK)

Messi, the electoral postcard arrives from Recanati: he can vote in the upcoming elections on May 26th

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