Messi does not go to training: he risks a million fine (25% monthly salary)

Messi risks a one million euro fine for missing training with Barcelona. According to some rumors it would also risk suspension, but it seems unlikely.

Lionel Messi missed training with Barcelona and now faces a super fine. In fact, Messi did not show up for the first training session with his teammates scheduled for 5.30 pm on Monday afternoon.

According to the La Liga collective agreement, however, he now risks a hefty fine. Article 5 considers a serious crime to leave the workplace without just cause and after the third absence the matter will be considered very serious. The fine could be up to 25% of the monthly payment .

In fact, Messi earns about 54 million a year at Barca, so a quarter of his monthly salary (25%) is just over a million. However, Barca bosses, including Josep Maria Bartomeu, are said to be reluctant to punish the club's greatest player ever. We'll see if that's the case.

On Monday, the 33-year-old Argentine striker did not even undergo anti-covid medical tests and therefore could not have worked together with the team coached by the new coach Koeman in any case.

Messi and the 700 million clause

La Liga takes a position in the open dispute between Leo Messi and Barcelona siding with the Catalan club. In a note relaunched by the Spanish media, the football federation officially announced that the existing contract with the blaugrana club is currently valid and in force.

To free himself, therefore, the Argentine player must pay the termination clause, of 700 million euros, prohibitive for all the teams that have approached the player's entourage in recent days. Messi, according to the document, would therefore not be free to sign with another team before having resolved the situation with the Barcelona management.

La Pulce, however, does not seem to have any intention of mending the rift with the club of which he has become the flag since today he deserted the medical examinations scheduled for the players of the first team. (Source The Sun).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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