Messi at Juventus, L’Equipe talks about contacts initiated. But the bianconeri deny

“Messi alla Juventus” is the transfer market bomb launched by L'Equipe. However, the Juventus club immediately denied the news.

Juventus would have initiated contacts with Messi . It is L'Equipe to report the transfer market indiscretion.

According to the French sports newspaper, there would have been contacts between Jorge Messi, the father of the Argentine number 10, en route to Barcelona, ​​and Juventus.

No agreement, but only a survey by the Juventus club. However, the leaders of the Italian champion company denied the news .

On the web, despite the denial of the bianconeri, there is also talk of how Adidas (sponsor of Messi and Juve), could be the classic point of connection to bring this negotiation to checkers.

Juventus, however, would not be interested in the operation. Especially for an economic question given how much Messi earns (about 100 million gross).

Messi, the possible destinations

While the rumors are racing, many are circulating on the possible destinations of the Argentine phenomenon.

Manchester City seems to be the most accredited, PSG can come back by playing the Neymar card. Inter remain in the running, albeit with much lower probabilities.

Finally, there is a legal issue yet to be understood. Messi has announced to Barcelona that he wants to use a clause that allows him to free himself to zero.

A clause that expired in June, but in Messi's interpretation it can be used today, since the season has been postponed by two months due to the virus. (source TUTTOSPORT )

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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