Juventus transfer market, agreement with Dzeko. Kean is also nearby

Juventus transfer market, there would be a yes from Dzeko. Kean's return to base would also be very close.

Football Juventus. According to what Il Corriere dello Sport writes in an article by Guido D'Ubaldo, Dzeko would have reached an agreement with Juventus.

According to what La Gazzetta dello Sport writes with Fabiana Della Valle and Matteo Pierelli, Kean's return to Turin after the bankruptcy experience in the Premier League would be close.

Let's go in order starting from Dzeko. Rome would receive 12 million euros while the player would receive 7.5 million per season (higher salary than what he received at Rome where he stopped at 7).

By selling Dzeko, Roma would get rid of the highest salary of their squad and would have 12 million to turn immediately to Napoli to get to Milik.

Obviously this money is not enough for Milik but Roma would make this offer more attractive with the cards of Under and Riccardi.

Juve would have chosen Dzeko on the basis of the information provided by Pirlo but also by Cristiano Ronaldo who loves to play together with a center forward who can also act as an assistman.

In addition to Dzeko, Juve would also take the deputy Dzeko, or Moise Kean. In this case, the winning formula would be that of the loan with obligation to redeem (sources: Il Corriere dello Sport and La Gazzetta dello Sport ).

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