Messi at Inter? The Conte coincidence, the reduced taxes, the duel with Ronaldo …

Lionel Messi away from Barcelona. Antonio Conte remains at Inter (a bit surprising). Is Messi at Inter fantasy football or a possibility?

Messi at Inter is a suggestion, it will probably remain a dream. But the coincidence of the two announcements made many Nerazzurri fans dream (on social media and also in chatting with friends).

Especially for those who do not believe in coincidences: it is the afternoon of Tuesday 25 August 2020. The Argentine confirms that he does not want to stay at Barca . The Inter coach confirms that he will remain Nerazzurri also next season. The news goes around the web at the same time. Go and see that Conte reversed because they promised him that he will train the strongest of all …

The rumor of a possible Messi at Inter has spread in recent weeks: first the house bought in Milan, then the father who opens a VAT number in Italy.

Messi wants to leave Barcelona, ​​and that already seems incredible. Messi in Italy (and not at Juve) seems even more incredible. But the Ronaldo case has shown that sometimes even dreams come true. And the subsidized tax regime for the super rich can push the dream to materialize.

Put away from Barcelona

That Messi wanted to leave Barcelona is well known. The humiliating 8-2 suffered by Bayern Munich in the Champions League did not leave the Argentine indifferent. Leo has realized that maybe a cycle is over. And in fact Barcelona is revolutionizing everything, from the manager to the squad.

Koeman wants to start again from Messi, but he doesn't want to stay. Not only that, the Argentine would have let the company know that he wanted to free himself on a free transfer: a legal battle is expected.

Conte remains at Inter

This news comes perhaps more surprising than the other. Conte vented against the club after the final lost in the Europa League. Again. Too many times the Lecce coach took it out on the club in the first year of the Nerazzurri. The most frequent accusation: a transfer market not up to par.

Yesterday the meeting with President Zhang. And then the announcement that the marriage continues. But to convince someone like Count you must necessarily have promised him something. Something, that is, new players, a strengthened squad, the possibility of competing with the big names. What if President Zhang promised him not one of the strongest, but the strongest of all?

All the clues lead to Milan

It is good to repeat, all we have said so far are suggestions. But let's start from a certain basis: Messi bought a house in Milan . What's more: Messi's father opened a VAT number in Italy . So some business in Italy is at stake.

In Italy, the subsidized tax regime for the super rich has already attracted Ronaldo (it is no mystery that the technical project was accompanied by an economic advantage for the Portuguese). And who knows that the presence of the bitter enemy of so many battles cannot be a further motivation for choosing Italy.

Okay the master Guardiola who calls you from England (and certainly promises you seas and mountains). But do you want to go back to dueling with a decade-old rival?

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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