Lindelof the hero, thwarts an elderly woman from the snatch and hands the thief to the police

Lindelof hero, the Manchester United footballer thwarted a mugging from an old woman and handed the thief to the police.

Lindelof acted like a hero. The Manchester United and Swedish national team player thwarted a mugging from an elderly woman and handed the thief to the police.

To thank him, the 90-year-old woman decided to offer him a lunch. Lindelof foiled this mugging in Vasteras, a city west of Stockholm. The footballer was also thanked by local law enforcement.

Swedish police issued a statement with the reconstruction of the heroic gesture of the Manchester United footballer.

“A man in his thirties, riding a bicycle, stole a bag belonging to a 90-year-old woman.

A man who was nearby (i.e. Lindelof) ran after the thief, tackled him and kept him imprisoned until the police arrived.

The police take this opportunity to thank him for his prompt intervention and testimony ”.

As mentioned, his heroic gesture was also rewarded by a lunch offered by the 90-year-old lady.

Lindelof's gesture was heroic because the thief was a subject already known to the police as he boasted a very long list of precedents. These crimes include aggravated theft and drug dealing.

At the time of the heroic act, the Manchester United footballer was in the company of his wife. The couple was walking around the city when Lindelof noticed the robbery and intervened promptly.

The Swedish footballer was one of the protagonists of Manchester United's last season. In fact, Lindelof has played 35 matches out of 38 in the Premier League and is considered by Solskjaer an immovable starter.

Manchester United also spent words of praise for their footballer's heroic deed adding that:

“He ran after the thief and took back the bag without using any violence. Victor believes he did what anyone would have done in that situation ”(source The Sun ).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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