Merry: “Written against Scirea? Arrest the guilty “

Allegri: "Scritte contro Scirea? Arrestate i colpevoli"

Merry: "Written against Scirea? Arrest the guilty "(Twitter)

FLORENCE – "It's a matter of education and respect, it does not depend on individual supporters, but on single people. Who wrote some things should almost be arrested but as long as things happen without finding a solution, it's something negative. " So the Juventus cell technician, Massimiliano Allegri comments the written-choc appeared outside the prefiltraggio zone of the Stadio Franchi, before Fiorentina-Juventus.

"We played a good game in front of a wonderful audience. Chiellini's gesture for Astori is beautiful. We hope to learn good manners, we hope to be all more educated. The match? We knew about the difficulties, but we soon took command of the game and we were good at it. In the second half Fiorentina has created problems for us; the victory, however, is deserved ".

So Massimiliano Allegri commented on the 3-0 success from Juventus to Viola. "Dybala 'all-player'? He played a good game, he sacrificed a lot, but he was good, because he played between the lines ". Among the protagonists of the challenge is Giorgio Chiellini, author of the second bianconero goal: "The words of Pioli in the pre-game? I thank him for the esteem, I try to do mine, but victory was the most important thing. We knew that the trip was difficult: at home Fiorentina was a steamroller. We did not start very well, because of their high pressure, but we also had the humility to defend ourselves when they pushed ". At Fiorentina, Stefano Pioli expected a different match from his.

"From the point of view of technical quality we had to be of a higher level – the words of the viola coach -. The result is negative and is bad, heavy, but I do not think reflects the trend of the game. We pulled on goal 13 times like them, had other opportunities like them. We have to improve: it's the first goal, for how we were placed, which is not good, because we did not have to allow Bentancur to easily get to that area of ​​the field. In the first half we had chances but, as often happens, we can not capitalize ".

Then, on the climate inside the lily dressing room: "Tonight they were disappointed by the result, it's normal and it's right. But they did not give up, we have to go back to winning and they have to believe in their qualities – explains Pioli -. We met the strongest team in Italy, but with the others we play it and we will play it. Objective Europe? The goal is that, it was announced clearly. We are aiming, but we do not have to go back: it will not be easy. The ranking is not what we wanted, but it's not over. In January, if there is an opportunity, I hope that the company will improve some situations ".

The Allegri article : "Written against Scirea? Arrested the guilty " seems to be the first on Blitz daily .

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